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About Paradigm


Paradigm is a semi-hardcore guild comprised of experienced, long-time players dedicated to progressing mythic content while it is current. 

Before applying, ensure that you meet the following criteria:

-You must have provable raiding experience within a structured raid environment (queueing LFR or pugging normal in the group finder 5 months into a tier isn't adequate). Linking an achievement dated correctly for it's time period is sufficient proof.
-Be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your class.
-Have a working microphone and be able to use TS3 and Discord.
-Be able to understand English.
-Have close to 100% raid attendance, this means that there should be no consistent barriers to you attending 4 raids per week (emergencies/holidays notwithstanding).
-If you are going to be unable to attend raid, give prior notice if possible (preferably 24+ hours).
-Show up to raids on time (log in for 20:45 server time).
-Show up to raid complete with all bonuses you can feasibly attain (enchants, food, flasks, pots etc etc etc). Whilst food and flasks will likely be set down, you should have some on your character anyway.
-Be able to dedicate time to your character outside of raids, utilising alternate paths of progression to minmax your character. We raid 12 hours a week but we expect players to log on beyond those 12 hours.
-Be able to accept constructive criticism from other guild members.
-Don't be boring or uptight, WoW is a hobby after all.

Please do not rush your application, fill in as much detail as you can with the clearest english you can. 

New raiders will be given the trial raider rank, where we will assess them within to determine whether they are a good fit for the guild, that the guild is a good fit for them and they are up to standard for mythic progression. 

Loot will be distributed through a Need/Greed system with priorities going to MS, followed by OS, then if not claimed it can be rolled for transmog. If a particular piece of gear would be a far more significant upgrade for one player and they lose the roll, both players are expected to discuss it privately, and if the matter cannot be resolved then an officer or raid leader should be informed.

Raid Days and times are as follows (server time):
Monday: 9-12 
Thursday: 9-12 
Wednesday: 9-12
Tuesday: 9-12 

Feel free to add my battletag stumpy#2773 if you have any concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to submit an application, we look forward to welcoming you to the guild.

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